Adreta Plásticos, S.A. seeks at all times to reach a balanced compromise between its commercial and fund raising goals and the due respect towards individuals, levelled at its employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

We likewise actively and continuously promote our contribution to the community in which we insert.

In this sense, we seek to ensure and provide all required resources for implementing this Social Responsibility Policy, aiming the efficient management of own resources, always based on values such as integrity, solidarity, suitability and

Our compromise roots on the following principles:

adreta plásticos

Social Responsibility Policy

Respect and encouragement towards implementing policies which are compliant with internationally acknowledged human rights;

Fomenting justice and ethics based on respect for the individual while promoting socializing activities and developing team attitude towards work;

Promoting cultural values and a model of sustainable management;

Standing for equal rights and opportunities, and opposing to discrimination;

Demanding trust and rigor on its business relations and implementing operational practices aimed at preventing and fighting corruption in all its forms;

Encouraging the professional qualification and training of our employees, enabling them to acquire skills and knowledge, as well improving their level;

Promoting the maintenance of safe and healthy workplaces;

Fomenting and adding to the preservation of, and due respect to the environment, by adopting actions and policies for environment protection, and continually monitoring their abidance;

Defending respect for each worker’s own potential, features, limitations and difficulties, promoting everyone’s treatment with equity, respect, and

This Social Responsibility Policy serves as a guiding tool for all matters inrelated, and it does not constitute any impediment or limitation to the implementation by Adreta Plasticos, S.A. of any other policies or measures in this area, either on it own initiative, either by imperative of a legal nature.

Adreta Plásticos, SA is thus committed to adopting the best operational and governance practices which promote the integration of the fundamental principles and themes of corporate social responsibility, ethically, socially, environmentally and economically, throughout its value chain and in the scope of its activity.

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